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Coyote And Crow LLC

Coyote & Crow the Roleplaying Game - Foundry VTT Package

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 Now you can take your Coyote & Crow Saga entirely online with our Foundry Virtual Table Top Package!

This digital package contains everything you need to play Coyote & Crow through the Foundry VTT System. You'll be provided with an activation code upon purchase and instructions on how to use the code to activate your game on Foundry.

Included in this version:

  • 38 Actors (6 pre-generated Characters, 32 NPCS)
  • 145 Items, including:
  • 27 Abilities
  • 97 pieces of equipment
  • 21 Gift & Burdens
  • 3 Scenes
  • 202 Journal Entries encompassing the entire core rulebook!


  • Automated Character and NPC Sheets
  • Dice Rolling Resolution System
  • Dice-So-Nice Integration (Requires the Dice-So-Nice module to be installed and activated
  • Item Cards with drag and drop capabilities (Item Cards include all items, Gifts & Burdens, Abilities, Specialized Skills, etc)

Also available is the Story included the core rulebook, Encounter at Station 54, which you can find here:

Enjoy everything the Coyote & Crow universe has to offer, all from the comfort of your desktop or digital devices. 


To enjoy the Coyote & Crow Foundry VTT edition, you must purchase the Foundry VTT platform software before you can use the code you're purchasing here. For more on this system and what you need to do to get full use, please see this page: