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Coyote And Crow Games

Coyote & Crow Core Rulebook

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This is the physical edition of our core rulebook for the Coyote & Crow roleplaying game. This 480 page full color hardcover manual with spot UV cover, provides you with everything you need (short of dice) to dive into the alternate future science fantasy world of Coyote & Crow.

Developed and led by a team of Natives from all over North America, this game envisions a world where colonization never happened and Indigenous nations rose to future prominence. 

The game features dozens of supernatural abilities and skills for your characters. It has a whole chapter devoted to Legends and Icons, characters, spirits and creatures you can fill your game world with if you so choose. It includes a full color pull out map of the city of Cahokia and a one shot adventure with pre-generated characters so you can jump into game play quickly!

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