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Coyote And Crow Games

Stories of the Free Lands: Whispers From The Well - PDF

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This is a playable Story for the Coyote & Crow roleplaying game. While it is a stand alone story and can likely be played in a single evening, it can be easily integrated into any larger Saga. You’ll need the Coyote & Crow Core Rulebook to use this story.

This is a 28 page PDF file. You'll be sent an email with a download link after purchase.


A cult that worships around a remote well is blamed for the disappearance of an engineer at a nearby new power plant. But nothing is adding up and tensions are rising rapidly. Can you diffuse things before anyone gets hurt?

Written: Connor Alexander (Cherokee Nation)
Art: Mildred Louis
Cover Art: Phil Cohen
Editing: Rachel Savicki
Layouts: Francita Soto
Project Lead: Connor Alexander (Cherokee Nation)