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Coyote And Crow Games

Stories of the Free Lands: Stolen Heart - PDF

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This is a playable Story for the Coyote & Crow roleplaying game. While it is a stand alone story and can likely be played in a single evening, it can be easily integrated into any larger Saga. You’ll need the Coyote & Crow Core Rulebook to use this story.

This is a 29 page PDF file. You'll be sent an email with a download link after purchase.


A corrupt member of the Council of Twelve has brought something terrible and dangerous into the city and he's keeping it in the heart of Cahokia. The players will have to steal it, and figure out how to get it out of the city, past Cahokia's own security!

Written: William McKay (Red River Métis)
Art: Nicholas M. Phillips
Cover Art: K. Nami Leong
Editing: Rachel Savicki
Layouts: Francita Soto
Project Lead: Connor Alexander (Cherokee Nation)